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European Stunt School

2-week Industry Grade Intensive Stunt workshop 2024 - deposit only

2-week Industry Grade Intensive Stunt workshop 2024 - deposit only

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**Note: Deposit payment only, the full cost of this workshop is 4.750 EUR**

Period: Monday July 29th - Sunday August 11th 2024 (14 days). Training will start at 10:00 hrs. and stop the earliest at 18:00 hrs. every day.

With our history and reputation as being one of the primary stunt institutions to receive first class training, attended by hundreds of participants through the years, and with some of the best instructors and industry professionals supervising the programme, we can guarantee you, that you will not be able to find any workshop like ours.

We will cover and go into depth with everything from fighting, camera work, acrobatics and aerial work to advanced SWAT training, LIVE firing range, high falls, fire stunts, precision driving and car stunts. It's 14 days of non-stop action!

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced performers, so if you want to learn new skills or brush up your old tricks in great company and at the same time expand your network, then this is the place to be.

FIGHTING FOR FILM & STAGE - Learning the basics of creating the fight and producing a convincing result. You will learn how to sell the action, creating a sequence and a story. Giving your characters life and your fight the proper consequences.

  • Punches, kicks, throws and reactions

  • Found weapons

  • Acting technique

  • Creating a choreography

  • Camera awareness

HONG KONG FILM FIGHTING - Some of the best stuntmen and fighters in Europe, will bring you closer to the sequences inspired by Hong Kong action, as it has become more and more sought for in the Western film industry.

  • Advanced martial arts techniques

  • Fight flow

  • Camera work

SWORD-FIGHTING and WEAPONRY - With respect to renaissance fencing and medieval weaponry, you will learn the attacks and defenses true to their time and style.

  • Rapier

  • Broadsword

  • Quarter staff

HORSE STUNT: Building of a battle scene! - We are proud to have Ally McClelland and his fantastic crew of riders go through the following elements when working with horses.

  • Ground fighting

  • Ground to rider fighting

  • Shield-wall vs. charging horses

  • Formation riding

  • Banner riding
  • Hitting targets from horse-back

  • Building a battle scene!

ACROBATICS & MOVEMENT - Gymnastic or circus? Both of them contains a strong physical foundation for stunt performance. Urban movement and parkour expands your body’s vocabulary, improving your strength, dexterity and recovery process.

  • Rolls and flips

  • Olympic trampoline

  • Street movement and parkour

FIREARMS FOR FILM - Handling a real firearm or blank fire model - is there a difference? Get the proper grip and learn how to be safe around pistols and revolvers. You will be shooting LIVE ammunition with Glock 17 and .38 revolvers, both stationary and with different drills incorporated. Most importantly, you will learn how to act within a film set and handle blank firing weapons.

  • Handgun handling

  • LIVE firing range

  • Blank fire etiquette

  • Rolls, dives and acrobatic pistol movement

SWAT TACTICAL TRAINING - Need to double or act as a SWAT team member - or move around while looking like you know what you're doing? You'll learn how to do it like a professional: how to hold your weapon, move around with it, stacking up by a door, clear a room, move up a stairway and keep your team SAFE!

Our instructors are former members of the Danish Special Forces, some of the best and most respected in the World.

  • Work together as one unit.

  • How to move while covering every angle.

  • Stacking up.

  • Room clearance.

  • Staged SWAT scenarios in authentic locations in full combat gear.

STUNT RIGGING - Rigging or wirework is a big part of the stunt and film industry. Helping superheroes fly around, pulling bad guys through the air or suspending set pieces and actors from the ground. It’s hard to imagine an action film without it!

  • Abseiling

  • Simple lifting with pulley system

  • Working with counter weight system

  • Jerk back

  • Descends

AERIAL ACROBATICS - Float effortless through the air with grace, or at least learn how to make it look like you're not hanging from ropes. It takes training, strength and knowledge to achieve this, hanging upside down, flipping or spinning around. The aerial bungee system gives you a perfect training-ground for this!

  • Harnesses

  • Aerial balance and technique

  • Grosshopper aerial bungee system

SPECIAL EFFECTS - See how special effects are made and get a tour of the workshop with all the gear that goes with it. Even simple setups often require custom made equipment and many year of experience. Special effects technicians and stunt performers often interacts when creating action scenes, so you should be familiar with what they can do.

  • Technical elements (blood rigs, pellet guns etc.)

  • Squibs (body hits)

  • Propane and air mortar

BURNS and FIRE STUNTS - A very spectacular stunt but extremely dangerous. Learn the correct safety measures before being engulfed in flames. Correct appliance of protective gel and fire accelerant, safety personnel and methods of extinguishing are just some of the points covered.

As an exclusive, there’s a Fireskin360 course where you will learn to use and master the gel (fire on skin).

  • Partial to semi-full burn

  • Safety

  • Fireskin360 - Naked burn course

HIGH FALLS - We will start with the basics for jumping from up high. The different jumping styles, controlling yourself in the air - acting in the air, and safety measures. The airbag is one of the best in the World, designed by the legendary Lane Leavitt and rated for falls from up to 30 meters (100-feet).

  • Progressive height training

  • Types of falls

  • Jump onto mats

  • Jump into airbag

  • Safety

STUNT- and PRECISION DRIVING - As a stunt performer you should have the basic stunt- and precision driving techniques under your skin. Sliding close to the camera or driving fast and dangerously near the crew and cast, you need to have things under control and be good at it! We will provide you with the tools you’ll need - taught by specialists in car handling and probably burn off a fair amount of tires at the same time.

  • Car check and inspection

  • Positioning behind the steering wheel

  • Brake to full stop

  • Reverse 180°

  • Precision drifting (sliding close to cameras)

  • Precision cortege (multiple cars closely together)

  • Vehicle transfer

  • Pit manouveurs

  • Roll off

INSTRUCTORS and PERSONNEL (subject to change)...

Jacob Sebastian Malm Carlsen (Founder)

Anne Rasmussen (Manager)

Daniel Freyr Eliasson (Assistant Manager)

Knud Erik Poulsen (LIVE firing range shooting)

Eagle Shark (SWAT)

Christian Schandorph (Special Effects)

Ally McClelland (Horses)

Karin Kasulina (Grosshopper Aerial Bungees)

Daniele Balconi (Hong Kong martial arts)

Kristoffer Jørgensen (Swords and Weaponry)

Huw Williams (SWAT Equipment)

...more to come!

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