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Protective water-gel powder mix for fire stunts

Protective water-gel powder mix for fire stunts

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Powder for mixing protective water-gel. Mix the thickness to your liking (8-10 grams per liter of water). Contains 500 grams / Enough for 40-45 liters mixed protective gel.

All you need is to follow the instructions, some water, a scale and a blender. The end result is for protecting exposed skin from extreme heat or open flame when performing fire-stunts. Use the gel as a protective layer with fire resistant undergarments (Nomex/CarbonX). Keep cold for best result. Please note that this is not to be compared with the BASE GEL from the Naked Burn package.

How to mix:

The mixed gel is clear in color when applied to the skin or clothes. The gel is odorless, tasteless, doesn’t sting your eyes and is biological degradable.

1. Fill a blender with 1 liter of cold water.
2. Put the cap on the blender, turn it on and slowly pour 10-12gr of the mix into the water.
3. About 30 seconds in, the granulate will soak most of the water up.
4. Stop the blender, stir the mix with a spoon and blend again. After about 1 minute the gel becomes smooth a cream.
5. If you have a blender with bigger volume, you can of course balance the amount of water with gram of mix. Just 2-3 gr more mix to 1 liter of water can make the end result substantially thicker, which is good in some applications.


This product is only sold to professionals and we trust that you will use it wisely. We can’t be held responsible for any damages when doing fire stunts.

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