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European Stunt School

Entry-level Stunt Rigging and Aerial Acrobatic workshop 2024 - entry payment only

Entry-level Stunt Rigging and Aerial Acrobatic workshop 2024 - entry payment only

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**Note: Entry payment only, the full cost of this workshop is 750 EUR**

Period: October 26th - 27th 2024.

Journey into the realm of Stunt Rigging and Aerial Acrobatics, with basic and advanced techniques.

Learn how to rig the most basic setups or the specific rig that you need for your performance or sequence. If you are a stunt-performer, aerial acrobat or rigger we will offer you a place to learn new skills or brush up your old tricks in great company, and at the same time expand your network. We provide you with the best atmosphere available, to improve in! Course manual available at booking.


Not even Superman gets to fly before the anchor-points has been set (unless it’s CGI)! We will go over the basics of rigging points, securing anchors, designing and building truss-rigs.

  • Theory and safety
  • Setting up truss-rigs
  • Abseiling and rope ascension
  • Simple lifting with pulley systems

Stunt rigging:

Rigging or wirework is a big part of the stunt and film industry. Helping superheroes fly around, pulling bad guys through the air or suspending set pieces and actors from the ground. It’s hard to imagine an action film without it!

  • Working with counter weight systems
  • Jerk and ratchet systems (manual and pneumatic)
  • Slack-lines and deadmans

Aerial acrobatics:

Float effortless through the air with grace, or at least learn how to make it look like you’re not hanging from ropes. It takes training, strength and knowledge to achieve this, hanging upside down, flipping or spinning around. Get familiar with the gear and harnesses.

  • Harnesses
  • Aerial balance and technique
  • Wall running / Dancing
  • 2D-systems and sequences


Jacob Malm Carlsen (Founder / Stunt Rigging)

Anne Rasmussen (Manager / Aerial)

Daniel Freyr Eliasson (Assistant Rigging and Aerial)

Karin Kasulina (Grosshopper acrobatic bungees)

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