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Fireskin360 - Naked Burn gel, basic pack

Fireskin360 - Naked Burn gel, basic pack

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This PREMIUM product is specially designed for the purpose of creating long burns “directly" on the skin (so called "naked burns"). Our product FIRESKIN360 comes with our extensive professional guidance and experience. Our gel is one-of-a-kind and mixed upon order, but we usually keep a full stock.

This gel is available to industry professionals and related performers – this is truly a revolution in fire-stunts!

FIRESKIN360 consist of a custom “safe to eat” gel used as a protective layer with a flammable accelerant applied on top.

The BASE-gel:

It’s tasteless, odorless, colorless, pH neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-irritating and skin friendly. It is harmless even if swallowed accidentally and does not decompose into anything toxic when heated.

Base-gel is designed to be transparent and low gloss, to stick on skin and does not liquefy upon heating. Can be applied warm – cooling is not necessary. Viscosity is constant at all temperatures.

It works by heat absorption, providing delay for heat reaching the skin. The delay time grows exponentially with base-gel layer thickness. Environmentally safe and can be discarded along with municipal waste, but watch out for clogging if disposed in sewage in large volumes.

Please note, that if handled correctly, the base-gel can be used for several cycles and prolong the life of your order.

See this video for reference:

The FIRE-gel:

Designed to stick on BASE-gel. Ingredients are most harmless of all, also the combustion products are not toxic.

It remains functional while unignited, but application should happen as close to the point of ignition as possible. It stays well stationary and does not escape when heated.

It burns at very low temperature, starting at 40°C and rising slowly to 60°C, the flames reach 900°C at brightest spots.

Burning rate is constant and fire color does not change in time.


Handling customized products like this and all things involving fire-stunts are extremely dangerous and potentially lethal! By purchasing this product, you accept the full responsibility for your own actions. We trust that you will use it with care and respect, and we can’t be held responsible for any injuries or damages that might occur while using this product.

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